zamp1_3ZAMP is a freeware simple VSTi sample player, it can load and play 3 wav files simultaneously. It was exclusively designed for Les Productions Zvon by Psychic Modulation and is based on their Cortex drum sampler.




– VSTi plugin, 2 versions included (2 DLLs), one with a single stereo out and one with three stereo outs
– Can load and play up to 3 samples simultaneously
– 1 amplitude envelope and 1 pitch envelope
– Each sample has its own tuning, start and end points, loop, reverse, volume and panning controls
– Each sample has its own velocity sensitivity control
– Mixing Grid for the samples
– 3 randomizers for each wavplayer, they are accessed by clicking one of the four ‘screws’ around the name


Developer : Les Productions Zvon

Download : ZAMP

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