20080301vocov2VSTi Vocoder








  • CARRIER Section
    • fromCapture: use signal from VOCOVCapture as a carrier. shold select CH (1-4). according to VOCOVCapture setting.
    • StereoCarrier: will affect only if you use “fromCapturee” carrier. it will vocode as a stereo signals. this setting will use more CPU, recommended if not needed.
    • followings are built-in synth settings. will not affect if you use “fromCapture”.
    • Mono: Mono/Poly setting of built-in synth.
    • Glide: Portament control of built-in synth.
    • BendRng: bend range setting.
    • ETC: might popular as a 2OSC 1LFO synth.
  • MODULATOR Section
    • Upto 4 .WAV File can be load
    • modulator from VOCOVCapture (upto 4 CHs selectable)
    • buffer freeze on note
    • buffer size select
  • VOCODER Section
    • Follow: env-follower time of modulator audio. setting high will cause clear speech.
    • Shift: formant shift.
    • Mangle: mangle the formant. it will cause special effect (for Digital).
    • Bands: freq resolution. setting high will cause clear speech (for Analog).
  • EQ Section
    • 6 Bands EQ
  • Effect Section
    • Stereo Chorus
    • TempoSync Delay
    • Reverb
  • Mix Section
    • Vocoder / Carrier / Modulator with HPF


Developer : g200kg

Download : Vocov

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