TSE 808

808The TSE808 is an audio plugin, simulating a TubeScreamer pedal. Leaving the 1.x versions behind, this new version introduces a new small and simple GUI, the actual modeling is re-done to improve accuracy with respect to it’s hardware counterpart. Additional features such as DIY functionality and solver-precision is removed, the internal solver is now locked to 1 uV (microvolt).





– Input Level: Controls the incoming (guitar) signal. Value of 1.0 = +0dB and 2.0 = +6dB

– Quality switch: ‘LO’ and ‘HI’ setting. HI setting removes additional aliasing.

– Stereo switch: Process two guitars at once. They must be hard-panned left/right to avoid bleed between channels!


Developer : TSE AUDIO

Download : TSE 808

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