True Additive Synthesis.

Ultimate sound design potential in an easy to understand interface.

This is the synthesizer that every producer and composer must have.

  • A host of features that allow for precise flexibility for the user.
  • Dual 50-partial Oscillators with Harmonic Preservation Algorithms.
  • 10x partial multiplier with Detune, Phase, and Stereo Spread controls.
  • Polyphonic independent oscillators enabling the user to control several timbres at once; e.g. A pad sustained with a lead played at the same time.
  • Intricate Multi-linked Subtractive controls.
  • A powerful amplifier section with distortion and tone controls.
  • 64-voice Polyphony/Portamento.
  • Pre-modulation waveform previews for each oscillator bank.
  • 100 Presets included.



Developer : TA Programming

Download : Samurai

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