COLOR & TINT: these control the sound as well as the color on the sceen,
when both controls are at zero, they produce a phaser/flanger effect.
The higer up they go, the wierder the effect, almost like a buffer/delay.
Use these subtley for strange beat displacements. The slider to the left
controls the amt of this effect as well as mixing the two delays.

CONTRAST & BIT: these are the lo-fi controls.

BRIGHT:controls the filter cutoff.

POWER: the power button at the top left turns the screen and the effect off.

NOISE: when this button is turned on, it produces a modulated white noise
(All of the bottm controls can manipulate the noise, as well as the ring mod)

RING MOD: this button turns on a ring modulator,
the slider to the right controls the pitch of the effect.

There is also a button with a warning label,
this can cause severe damage to your television set.
Whatever you do, do not push it!!!


Developer : Psychic Modulation

Download : Reception

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