protopsgBecause this GUI development took long time, it is still incomplete. Im sorry for naked PCB. About sound, because this is PSG chip, sounds like ‘pe pooh’. But now, because the filter function is added, ProtoPSG can generate not only PSG like sound.






8 voice polyphonic PSG like VSTi

  • 2 OSCs and 1NoiseGenerator
  • 1 Envelope Generator

Parameters the default MIDI CC#s are indicated in ().

  • OSC-A/B
    • FORM(24,25): WaveForm Select
    • OCT(28,29): Octave. -2 to +2
    • VOL(20,21): Volume
    • ADJ(31): detune between OSC-A and OSC-B
    • S&H LV(32): sample&hold modulation level
    • S&H RATE(33): sample&hold modulation speed
    • FREQ(27): Noise Frequency
    • VOL(23): Noise Volume
    • FORM(40): Envelope Form selection
    • RATE(41): Envelope speed
    • FREQ(74): Cutoff
    • RESO(71): Resonance
    • SWEEP(37): Cutoff modulation level (no modulation if center)
    • RATE(38): Cutoff modulation speed
    • EG LFO(39): Cutoff modulation mode EG=one shot, LFO=repeat
  • POL/MON(126): Mono Mode enable
  • PORTA(5): Portament
  • LFO
    • RATE(76): LFO speed
    • PITCH(77): LFO-Pitch modulation depth.
      • A(85): OSC-A modulation enable.
      • B(86): OSC-B modulation enable.
    • PWM(79): LFO-PWM modulation depth.
      • A(87): OSC-A modulation enable.
      • B(88): OSC-B modulation enable.
  • CHORUS(93): Chorus Depth
  • DELAY(91): Delay Depth
  • VOL(7): Master Volume
  • PAN(10): Pan


Developer : g200kg

Download : ProtoPSG

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