Maxim 16-2EQ Mixer


The Maxim mixer combine great overview and control.

  • All stereo through-and-through – 4-16 standard channels, 2 FX send/returns, and master fader.
  • Editable text labels for each channel.
  • Input indicator lights makes it easy to spot any channels muted by mistake.
  • Sophisticated mute and solo handling: Two solo exclusive groups (main & FX), “solo overrides mute”, and separate mute indicator lights.
  • Click-spots for quick reset of each individual fader and pan control.
  • 64 patch memories – store and compare mixer settings with ease.
  • Optional versions with added EQ section.
  • 6 mixers in one package – 16-2, 8-2, 4-2, 16-2EQ, 8-2EQ, and 4-2EQ.


Developer : Pethu

Download : Maxim 16-2EQ Mixer

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