OSC Section
  • WAV: wave form
  • DETUN: OSC De-tune
  • KUSO: tone-deaf
  • PORTA:Portament
  • OCTAV:Octave
  • MONO: Mono mode
Morph ENV Secton
  • A/D/S/R:ToneMorph Envelope generator. it will affect ‘ToneMorph’ harmonics.
ToneMorph Section
Hormonics setting from x1 to x6. upper row are peak value and lower row are base value. the harmonics will be gradually changed using ‘Morph Envelope’.
VOL ENV Section
  • A: Attack time
  • D: Decay time
  • S: Sustain Level
  • R: Release time


Developer : g200kg

Download : KusoSynth

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