This VST-synth is developed by infected sounds in cooperation with CPS and the Guru-Project team.

Gasolina is a modern powerful softsynth with a bunch of presets, based on subtractive synthesis for EDM, House, Dance, Trance, Dub, Trap and other styles of electronic music.





– 6 oscillators (Four oscillators with 19 waveforms each and two oscillators are wavedraw oscillators), inclusive Phase, FM and RM

– Unisone and sync option for the osc 1-4

– 1 LowPass- Filter – 1 Noisegenerator (White Noise)

– 4 Envelopes (Two amp-, and two modulationsenvelopes)

– 2 tempo-synced LFOs

– Effects: 1 Chorus, 1 Equalizer, 1 Decimator -1 Portamento for gliding sounds.


Developer : Infected Sounds

Download : Gasolina 

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