This is a FM Synthesis DrumMachine. you can create each sounds by 3 operator FM for Kick/Snare/Tom(Lo/Hi)/Hat(Open/Pedal/Close)/Symbal.


  • Function: FM synthesis drum machine
  • Notes: Kick / Snare / Toms (Lo/Hi) / Hat (Open/Pedal/Close) / Symbal
  • Synthesis: 3 Operator FM

Parameter Table

these params will set for each instrument that you select on left side icon. some params placement is different for each instrument.

  • Lower: Effect/Output Section
    • Drive: Overdrive effect
    • Echo: Reverb effect
    • Pan: Pan. (Independent Pan-Lo/Pan-Hi if you select Toms)
    • Vol: Volume
  • Center: OSC Section
    • Tune: OSC Freq. (Independent Tune-Hi/Tune-Lo if you select Toms)
    • Bend: OSC Bend. no bend if center. (Ctrl+Click will set to center)
    • Decay: Decay Time. (Independent Open/Pedal/Close if you select Hat)
  • Upper: FM Section FM1 and FM2 will make moduration for OSC.
    • Tune: Moduration freq.
    • Bend: Moduration freq bend. no bend if center (Ctrl+Click will set to center)
    • Attack:Attack Time
    • Decay: Decay Time
    • Modu: Moduration Depth
    • FM/LFO: Moduration as FM or LFO switch.


Developer : g200kg

Download : Freqatic


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