Host-synced randomised sample player/modulator.   Developer : xoxos Download : 23_words

Event Generator

Phase distortion oscillator powered by clock-driven counter and graphic lfo. Sounds like casinos/pacman. Designed for live use.   Developer : xoxos Download : Event Generator


Probability-based drum sample sequencer. Includes 3 programmable probability sequences, and a fourth sequencer which switches between them at another timing resolution, so you can program…


An older two voice K-S ‘plucked string’. CPU runs high, some people like it. MIDI note relates to the tonic but is transposed by a…


This synger-derived ‘algorithmic vocalist’ uses a reduced phoneme set inspired by polynesian languages. XChanter uses Lance Putnam’s henon oscillator (orbit modeling) SEP. This is a…


Acoustic is a simple acoustic body resonator model, consisting of a first order mass-spring for modeling the Helmholtz or ‘air’ frequency, and a banded waveguide….


Applies the host-synced algorithmic patterning engine used by other plugins with same GUI style to switch left and right channels.   Developer : xoxos Download…


A wrapper for Chris Kerry’s low CPU, high quality pitch shifter.   Developer : xoxos Download : CKpitchshifter


Randomly switches between multiple delay taps for randomised audio segment effect.   Developer : xoxos Download : Discipline3


My most recent gating plugin. Host-synced lfos can create crossrhythms, randomised amplitude, modulate gating period.   Developer : xoxos Download : Gate3


Applies David Haupt’s granulator to clock-synced probability sequencer.   Developer : xoxos Download : Muchacha


Probability-driven synced repeater, a.k.a. “stutter” effect.   Developer : xoxos Download : Muchacho