WaveSamplerXL VSTi is a sampler/sample player with wide variety of features for better sample manipulation. It has built-in LFO, arpeggiator, ADSR, pitch wheel and filters…

Stereo Filter

Free Left/right separate controlled filter VST effect with synced LFO per each channel and built-in delay.   Developer : Sasha Khamkov Download : Stereo Filter


Free Left/right separate controlled 16 or 32 steps gate effect [not MIDI]. Sometimes called “trance gate”. It has full left/right channel separation and stereo abilities….


SoundFonter VSTi is a very simple sound font (sf2) format sampler with range of 3 octaves delay and filter built-in.   Developer : Sasha Khamkov…


Free small, lite panning VST effect.   Developer : Sasha Khamkov Download : PLaFnO


Oscill8tor VSTi is a subtractive synthesizer which generates signal from 8 oscillators simultaneously if desired. Each oscillator has 7 wave samples, 5 types of filter,…


Irony VSTi is a subtractive synthesizer with different oscillators with ADSR envelope, addition of digital arpeggiator. It’s has ability to produce warm and clean sound….


Filllter is a simple LP / HP / BP / Notch / Moog filter plug-in.   Developer : Sasha Khamkov Download : Filllter


ernando VSTi is a subtractive synthesizer with different control options over 3 of it’s oscillators with ADSR envelopes, addition of Distortion, Flanger, Delay effects and…


E-Fix VSTi ia free SFX generator plug-in. It can produce wide range of pads, chimes, industrial noise and a lot more of this kind.  …


DS2 VSTi is an 8 Pad Drum Sampler, a successor of Ds-1. It has the ability to separate each pad to different channel of VST…


Ds-1 VSTi is a simple 8 Pad Drum Sampler. Each pad has its own pitch, panning, LP/HP filter, delay and volume slider.   Developer :…